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Setup Deli

The location is at the ground floor of a building facing the Bosphorus and which has rented by the SETUP group to open the third branch at the same location. As a third branch the aim was to present and follow this place with a character to the users in a manner suiting its modern, dynamic and art based character. The concept and is having an industrial modern/vintage, natural material coordinated interior. To be able to reach the pure harmony, grey steel profiles and concrete base flooring have been chosen as main materials and wooden flooring has been chosen to give attraction and warm feeling as a “DELI” brasserie. To give a more open space in front of the cafe facing to Bosporus the folding facade has been set back to the previous mezzanine floor line. The previous mezzanine has been removed to be able to give more total space with 4 meters of ceiling height. Moreover during the lovely summer time the whole facade give the opportunity to have total open space area. The service area and kitchen has been moved to the back side to be able to give more dining space in a narrow space. The lighting concept has been considered as flexible as possible and also to be focused of photographs all around the cafe. The wooden flooring is leading till to the main service area and also became the main entrance door with the same pattern. The shelves can be arrange according to the needs in the future, can be easily transform with another modulation.

Mezzanine floor has been removed and became a higher entrance hall between the inner and outer space. The entrance window frame can be folded and the terrace and the dining space became a total spacae

Furniture selection is  provided by several companies. Some of them are  vintage furnitures of the owner and refined by the carpenters. The gray color has been chosen to combine the color harmony with the rest of the natural materials such as wood and marble. The marble tables has been produced on site and the wooden elements has been designed accordingly. The photos  in the vertical gaps also has been chosen relatively with the concept. The wooden entrance door is a custom made door