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Setup Cafe

Kabatas district is mainly residential  area of the Beyoğlu/Istanbul. In the last 10 years it became also  artistic and eating& drinking activities since more offices  have taken place in  this area. The cafe location is at the ground floor of a building facing the Bosporus and which has rented by a landscape architect. As her aim was to present this place with a character to the users in a manner suiting its modern, dynamic and art based character. The concept and is having an industrial modern color coordinated interior. To be able to reach the pure harmony, rusted steel and concrete base flooring have been chosen as main materials and red has been chosen to give attraction. The Bar should be the main service area and has became the 10cmx10cm modular ceramic unit. To give a more open space in front of the cafe facing to Bosporus the folding facade has been set back 1.5m.Moreover during the lovely summer time the whole facade give the opportunity to have total open space cafe area. At the back side it has been considered the office of the architect. The bar is in the core and hide the columns of the existing structure as much as possible. The bar is also became an exposition of the coffee machine and fresh snack bar display.  The kitchen and service areas are designed in the basement. The lighting concept has been considered as flexible as possible and also to be focused of photographs all around the cafe.     (Photographer/ Can Dağarslanı)