Date:Mayıs 05, 2018

Daajan Residences

The Project site is in Ar-Rass City/KSA close to the city center . The site is 750 meters away from the Oasis Mall, which is the biggest in the Qassim. The site is 47918 sqm and consist of 15 blocks with. The scattered 2 axis of the block alignment gives a free “courtyard” space in the middle axis which has leading through the main plaza. The main plaza consists of different amenities like  cafeteria, laundry, barber shop,mosque, a mini market and a club house with a gym and indoor swimming pool. The blocks have different colors and combinations to give a variation at the courtyard and also from the outside. A very transparent site fence has been designed to give also light and view from both sides. The project will be constructed in 2 phases. In each phase there will be 2 kids playground, one open gym field and one multipurpose sport field with mini basketball and football. The blocks have 820 sqm of footprint and located in a scattered manner to able to give the block more view and perspective since the site is very narrow through the NW direction. Each block has a gross area of 4400 sqm with 20 apartments. In 15 block we will have 15×4400 sqm = 66.000 sqm and 15×20=300 apartments. Each Block has 20 parking for each apartment). The Total Construction Area is 66670 sqm in 2 phases.








































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