VOP Residences, Esentepe-İstanbul
Shymkent Airport, Kazakhstan
Setup Cafe, Kabataş-İstanbul
Kavaklı Housing, Kavaklı-İstanbul
Elmener House, Küçükkuyu-Çanakkale
Oasis Mall, Ar Rass-KSA
Özyeğin University, School of Business, Çekmeköy-İstanbul
İstanbul-İzmir Highway Rest Areas
DDFS Residences, Halkalı-İstanbul
Mef University, Maslak-İstanbul
Masko Hotel, Başakşehir-İstanbul
Dosso Dossi Hotels, Fatih-İstanbul
A'Bel Residences, Çengelköy-İstanbul
Özyeğin University, SELI, Çekmeköy-İstanbul
Özyeğin University, Student Center, Çekmeköy-İstanbul
Huqqa Box, Worldwide Branding
Daajan Residences- Ar Rass-KSA


Masko Hotel Project

The Hotel project was a proposal project for the MASKO group. the project contains 120 rooms with fa
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MTM Digital Capabilty Center

Manufacturing specialists and managers as well as future engineers can explore this realistic factor
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Antalya Hotel

Antalya Hotel project is a re-use project of one of old hotels in Antalya. It has re-designed with 6
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Al Daajan Plaza

Al Daajan Plaza is a retail outlet proposal in Qassim/KSA. The Mall is ca 20.000 sm with open to sky
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Badaya Mall

Badaya mall is a skin cladding  proposal project for an existing Mall structure in KSA. 3D visualiza
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Daajan Residences

Daajan Residences is in Qassim region in KSA. the different module variation of the plan types refle
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Cafe Fındıklı

Cafe Fındıklı is a part of the recreational zone planning of  Fındıklı Park. The one available land
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İş Bankası Data Center

Turkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Atlas Data Center Project, at each step from project design to completion of
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Setup Burger

The Setup Burger&Pizza is the 3rd branch of Setup grup, which is located in Kabataş District, cl
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Party Boat

Party boat is designed to serve her guests in the perfect blue water of Dubai. She consist a large p
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Marina Hotel

Hotel is consist of 160 blocks. All hotel block types are modular and have seperate decks which give
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Tekno Park Istanbul

A science park is defined as being a property-based development that accommodates and fosters the gr
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  • GAB is highly experienced on designing data centers and digital capability centers as well as science parks and technoparks. Since last 4 years GAB has been designed 2 different data centers including Turkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Atlas Data Center Project, at each step from project design to completion of construction process, eco and human friendly approaches are taken into consideration. Turkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Atlas Data Center is one of the world’ s leading data center project and the first Leed v4 Building Design + Construction (BD+C): Datacenters project in Turkey which qualified to receive LEED certification at the GOLD level in Datacenters category.

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